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No. 20 — Odal

No. 20 — Odal

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Place of ancestors and noble deeds past, heart-home, holdfast

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No. 20 — Odal

Place of ancestors and noble deeds past, heart-home, holdfast

Notes: nestled in a pine cottage, cinnamon, stone-baked bread, rosemary, and sweet maple wood

Hand-poured coconut soy wax candle, with hand-blended bespoke fragrance, and crackling wood wick.

Burn time approx. 50+ hours (10oz).

Vegan. Paraben free. Phthalate free. Non-GMO. 


For ideal burn:

Always burn candle until there is a full melt pool from edge to edge to prevent tunnelling. Coconut-soy wax burns clean, so if there is smoking, it is because the wick is too long. Be sure to trim the wick between 1/8" and 1/4" before each burn (we recommend using our wick trimmer for best results!). 


Reusing Your Jar:

The best thing about coconut-soy wax (besides the extra-long clean burn) is how easy it is to remove from its container. No need to awkwardly heat and try to pour and scrape the wax out of the jar— simply wash out with dish soap and warm water and fill with all the weird and wonderful things that need collecting.