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A bespoke candle company, crafting evocative experiences for home sanctuaries.


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No. 16 — Wunjo
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No. 16 — Wunjo
from 16.00

Joy of mankind and binding fellowship, harmony, and goodwill between folk

No. 17 — Naudir
from 16.00

Need-fire and knife-edge, necessity, and force of growth, and unyielding lessons learned

No. 18 — Algir
from 16.00

Proud elk and tines scraping sky, sanctuary, and bridge between gods and men

No. 19 — Bjarkan
from 16.00

Spring branch and White Lady of the Woods, flourish of life and healing balm

No. 20 — Odal
from 16.00

Place of ancestors and noble deeds past, heart-home, holdfast

Matte Black Wick Trimmer

Matte black wick trimmer for ensuring a soot-free, even burn.


Inspired by mythology, fairy tales, literature, & the occult

Our candles begin with mood: a feeling evoked by richly-woven stories, enchanting landscapes, and arcane experience. Original, hand-blended fragrances are paired with long-burning coconut-soy wax and a crackling wood wick, to add coziness, warmth, and a touch of magic and mystery to any atmosphere.


Experience your favourite stories…

Introducing our first permanent collection, Ex Libris. These five candles invoke the atmospheres of some of our favourite stories, from His Dark Materials to The Secret History. Curl up with a hot drink and a book and let the Ex Libris collection immerse you in the tale.